Valentines Day

So what is it about Valentine’s that makes even the most reluctant of us, still on the day want to receive a card or at least a “Happy Valentine’s” comment from someone. Is it because it really is the day of romance and making that special person feel more special?
I am not sure, because every year, I always say “ ‘s over commercialised, over-priced, and that everyday should be Valentines”..but when it comes to the crunch, I really do at least want a card……maybe not the expensive roses, but a card, and a kiss in recognition of the day.
So for all of you out there that think like me, you may as well try to be prepared a little bit. How? Just a couple of really easy tips…..
One – make sure you remember the date…
It’s 14 February. Beware, this year if is on a Friday – so you may need to be ready to do something that night at least.
Two – say “Happy Valentine’s” or “Be my Valentine” early in the day
Recognise the day, tell the one you love, “Be my Valentine”. Do this early in the day, so to make sure they know you know what day it is…even without a card, this helps. If you do it later in the day they may think you needed to be reminded.
Three – You don’t have to spend a lot of money.
Plan for simple things, a card, a nice homemade dinner with some candles. Just sit outside under the stars and have a cuddle. Have a date night movie – pick a good old movie (suggest to get a more of a chick flick than shoot em up action), get the popcorn, something to drink and cuddle on the couch.
You don’t have to make a huge deal over the day, just at least know the day..believe me, it makes it all so much easier.
I am really a romantic, and love being in love – don’t get me wrong at all, I think telling someone how much you care everyday is important…that is why I think everyday should be special, not just 14 February.
Happy Valentines….